About Us

Crammer J Tomson, has successfully assisted thousands of injured clients recover the compensation they deserve. Through the effective use of technology, the Law Offices of Finis Price provides clients with a unique experience granting them unfettered access to their attorney while providing quality representation. Outside of his legal practice, Finis is co-Founder of TechnoEsq Presentations which specializes in affordable quality presentations for attorneys. He has served on the Kentucky Justice Association’s Board of Governors since 2007, recently becoming the minority delegate to the American Association of Justice and is currently an adjunct professor at Chase Law School. He is regularly published in the KJA’s The Advocate and has recently been asked to write a bi-monthly column for Lawyer’s USA Online. Upon receiving his J.D. from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law in 2003, Finis Price charted a unique path by combining his two professional passions, the law and computer technology into the development of his personal injury and trial practice. He maintains an active legal practice since 2003, focusing on personal injury litigation.

I look forward to documenting my growth in my profession and invite you to come along for the ride…I promise it will be fun.

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