Best website designs for law firms

It has been emphasized on the need for a business to have a website. Many companies have taken up the challenge to reach more clients and increase their business. Law firms have not been left behind with coming up with websites. However, having just a website is not enough.

There are several things that your website should have to make your business stand out from your competitors. It should be able to provide sufficient information to answer questions about your firm. Other things to consider is the user-experience, appeal, and performance.

To have all these features incorporated in the website, it is vital to hire the best web designers such as Ensure to carry out thorough research on previous work done to get the best individual or company. Here are four best website designs for law firms available.


The design of the site is innovative and aims to attract creative clients. The appearance of the site is inviting to customers. Also, details regarding the services that the lawyers offer are available. They not only state the services but also go ahead to explain how the client benefits by using the services of the law firm. An innovative feature on the website is the pricing published for flat and subscriptions.


It is another great website that has a beautiful presentation. The details of the firm are well-organized allowing the visitors to locate the details they need. Another great feature of the website is the quality photographs of the lawyers whom the clients engaged. They enable one to relate to the company making it easy to seek the services available.

The one thing that makes this website stand out is the legal alerts section. It displays the recent changes in the law that affect current and potential clients. The alerts provide an avenue for customers to approach the firm in case of questions or clarifications regarding the new requirements. The only improvement necessary is the increase of social links to enable users to contact the company using various avenues.


The website from Procopio is bold and stands out from the many available. They describe why they are not just a regular law firm. The pictures they use create confidence in their ability. Also, they have an introduction video that is powerful hooking the visitors to the site. One of the things that impress me about the site is the section that allows clients to search for the particular lawyer they are looking to engage. This depends on the case one has. It is a great feature that enables clients to save time when looking for the lawyers available.

Arnold & Itkin LLP

The website design from this law firm speaks volumes regarding information. It’s set perfectly for website conversion rate optimization, helping visitors make a decision on the spot.  The designer ensured that all the pages of the website are full of details regarding the firm and its activities. Also, there is the use of numerous photos of the lawyers. Details given regarding the firm that is not common to the other websites are the names of clients that it represents. Also, the amount of money the firm has been able to save for their clients in the cases they have won. They pride themselves in winning cases saving costs to all individuals they represent. Some people may regard the website to have too much information. However, it might be beneficial to users ready to scrutinize the law firm.

From research, the four websites have all the necessary features such as adequate information, great theme, layout, and are user-friendly. However, the list is not exhaustive since more websites are working to rebrand their look to enhance user experience. Do not forget to remarket your website in social media like Facebook and Linkedin. The latter can be more expensive but ROI is very powerful.